I created this blog simply because I am completely inlove with Go Radio and I felt a blog for me to express that was needed. This is mostly a photo/gif blog made up of photos I find online and gifs I make.
If I post a gif, that is my gif and I would appreciate it if you would reblog instead of reposting. Anything else that I post that does not say that it is mine, I claim absolutely no right to.
I hope you enjoy this as much as I'm sure I will.
I haven’t posted on this blog in ages so to anyone who still follows it, would one of you be interested in taking it over?

I painted this picture of Jason Lancaster for my color and comp class. I was worried about if I’d like the final product, but I think it turned out pretty cool.
Dear followers,

I hate to say it, but this blog will probably be slowing down significantly in the near future. I start classes again on Monday and I want to try to cut back on any form of distractions on the computer. Since I am the only one who controls this blog, that would mean limited to no more posting. I have a few more posts in my queue that I will let run out, but after that posts will be more sporadic. I am open to the idea of allowing a follower to take over for the time being if one would like to, but I’ve also seen a fair amount of other GR blogs spring up after making this one so I know that even if this blog is no longer posting all of you will still be able to get your GR tumblr fix. Thank you all for the support you have given this blog. You are all amazing.


Go Radio. Warped Tour 2011

Alex Reed of Go Radio